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 Himex Ltd. is a private enterprise with a long tradition since its establishment, with values that are firmly established in the company culture and with loyal staff. Together we work day by day to achieve our defined objective: to be the best!

Partnership. Quality. Enthusiasm. Attitude.

The strengths of the HIMAX brand are based on these four core values.


The brand value of “Partnership” describes our best motivation in the market. Not only through our leading innovation in products, technology and services, but also leverage our strengths in China to satisfy our customers in every way and bring the best possible benefit to achieve a win-win partnership. As part of this vision, we’ve been working hard to study the customers demand, from daily communication to new development follow up, from the best possible prices to quality standard control. Our aim is to reach new milestones in added value for our customers.

The brand value of "Quality" is underpinned by our status as a skilled workers throughout the entire value-added chain. We manage and control the entire product development and production process – from the initial product concept, through to research and development, and finally to the mature end product. One of the main issues we focus on in doing so is sustainability. We undergo regular external certification audits, such as our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & SA8000 certification for shoe production and the others, as evidence of our commitment to sustainability. Our aim is to audit all other plants in line with for example, this environmental management standard as well as the other quality standards. As manufacturers, we place extremely high quality demands on our products and services. For us, made in HIMAX is a promise of quality we make to our customers, which they can always count on. Our goal is to effectively balance economical, ecological and social commitment. In order to achieve this, we have set demanding standards for our manufacturing sites and products, which also apply to all partners in our network.

With our passion and our drive to deliver the best, we want to ensure that our customers feel good about our products. We want you to be passionate about HIMAX. The brand value of "Enthusiasm" also represents our commitment to outdoor sports, working place and, in turn, our commitment to the holistic implementation of our mission of protecting people.

Attitude is everything !

“ There are three kinds of companies:   
·Those that make things happen.      
·Those that watch what happens.      
·Those that wonder what happened.”  

                                         ----------  Sir John Harvey Jones                                
                                                            Management Consultant, ex Chairman ICI    
“If you think you’ ve got everything under control, you’re not going fast enough.” 
                                         ----------  Mario Andretti                                                                      
                                                            F1 racing driver     



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