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Quality Management

Quality is much more than the sum of good product features. Quality is a fundamental attitude that dominates companies, objectives, products and services. "Made in HIMAX" is a quality seal – and our promise to customers, employees and the environment.  High-quality products for us are not a matter of honour but a business model. "Quality made in HIMAX" also includes processes, social responsibility and economic efficiency.

HIMAX has a long track record of producing footwear for well-known international brands. It has its own Quality Control Facility and Laboratory with random production checks to assure and maintain product quality in the manufacturing process.

* The following is an example how we work properly to manage the quality of the footwear . The similar quality management system is also applied to all other outdoor and PPE products in our production list that we ensure to provide the best quality production to our customers.
Normally the control function is divided up in the following sequences:

- Raw materials, Inspection procedures commence immediately upon arrival in the Production Facility Warehouse. Any materials not complying with the standards requested will be returned and replaced accordingly.  This concerns any type of fabric, leather, membranes, etc. 

Cutting, The QA department will regularly inspect the cutting of materials to assure correct quality and strength of leather being cut, consumption rates, the correct dimensions and sizes, and make certain that all pieces are in good condition. Different orders requires different guidelines of cutting. This is enforced by efficient training of each worker before cutting.  

- Stitching, Every stitching group in the Line of Production has a minimum of two QA workers to inspect the production. If any defect or irregular operation is found, the production will be stopped and pieces or procedures will recalled and/or replaced before the production continues. Before any stitching operation, a technology meeting will be held by the manager of the production as well as the chief of each stitching group together with the QA assistance. This will enable the management to firstly understand what the quality standards are and they will then enforce these quality standards within the workers team and monitor the control.   

- Post stitching inspection, will continuously be processed while the completed uppers are sent to storage so that special QA assistance will inspect these ready-made uppers.  Conforming uppers will be passed and non-conforming uppers will be rejected in order to assure that every upper passing is in its utmost condition. QA assistance will return any defect uppers to the stitching department for re-production, alternatively  complete rejection and cancellation.         

- Cementing, the cementing department has a QA management process similar to that above mentioned in stitching. The cementing process of joining the upper with the outer sole requires craftsmanship skills by the worker team. This demands QA control functions in the lasting process, as well as in the actual cementing process. High quality machinery assures proper lasting , warming for hardening the cement, pressing and bonding, and after these crucial manufacturing processes are done, a QA team will scrutinize EVERY SINGLE pair on the conveyor belt, replacing, or rejecting any non-conforming sample not fit to continue further in the production process.
- Packing, The packing department is the final QA station, where every pair, again, will be carefully inspected by trained eyes, making certain that every pair is in conforming condition before being wrapped and packed into cartons. Identical to the other production departments, a pre-production meeting is always held before production so the QA manager ensures that the complete work team comprehend the standards and the technical issues that needs to be met before the production starts.    
- Developing samples as a bridge for mass production procedures, A team of workers, used in the developing department for making samples according to the exact specifications and standards of the Client, is setting up the Rules of Engagement how to, most effectively, with the highest degree of quality assurance, turn an individual development procedure to mass production standards. Once the order is confirmed, the development team will call upon all related production departments, and, together with the Production manager they will go through each step of handling in the production process , giving guidelines to every single production department in order to reach the highest quality levels as well as maintaining the most efficient mass production work flow.  Any bottlenecks will be detected here, in this process, LONG before mass production procedures.

- Laboratory, We obtain our own testing facility which enables us to do a variety of different testings in order to maintain the quality conditions placed on us. Testings can range from material tests to complete footwear testings. Tests on samples, randomly taken from the production lines and into the testing machinery will enable the QA to better monitor and control the quality onsite. Experience during the years have showed us that there is no other way to maintain high quality standards. This is why well known international brands choose our Production Facility for their production. QUALITY is the only single fact that maintains a long lasting relation between Client and manufacturer. It is a matter of life and death for everyone involved in a competitive marketplace. 

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