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Sustainability and Social Accountability

Working sustainably

At HIMAX, we want to realise our vision of protecting people in a sustainable way. As a manufacturer with a high in-house production rate, we can influence most aspects of the value creation chain. In Himex plants, we’ve implemented many different measures and projects to improve our sustainability performance. 

Sustainable protection of people and environment

We have been certified by ISO14001 and SA8000, for details please see Certificates.

Environmental policy
We are in strict compliance with national energy conservation laws and regulations, in addition to the implementation of international environmental conventions.
We implement strict internal control standards, with an ongoing improvement of production processes, optimizing production structures, reduce material consumption, reduce energy costs, and continuously reduce unnecessary waste and environmental impacts of enterprise and product usage processes.
To ensure that the manufacturing processes does not violate laws and regulations, HIMAX prohibits the usage of harmful substances to the environment, and gives priority to the use of advanced environmental friendly substances for the manufacturing of new products,  thus reducing the amount of products using materials and substances that could be potentially  harmful in its effects on the environment
We promote the reduction of industrial waste, and the re-usage and the recycling of urban waste.
We take priority in environmental protection and proper performance of suppliers, and other subcontractors to promote cooperation in energy conservation and environmental management, while actively providing customers with green solutions.  All parties are committed to work together to build a green industry chain.
HIMAX and its subcontractors pay close attention to current climate changes, and they actively participate in energy conservation and environmental protection exchanges and cooperation, to improve the ecological environment.  They actively carry out cooperation with the government, and other enterprises, and they strive to promote the use of environmental improved technology to aid in the effectiveness of environmental protection.

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