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Social responsibility

As one of the leading suppliers of personal protective equipment for commercial use, HIMAX offers a safety concept from head to toe. This naturally applies to us too in relation to our own staff.

- Employee safety
HIMAX is enrolled in the continuous improvement of safety management systems for its employees and the employees of the manufacturing subcontractors, in accordance with the “Five Implementations, Five in Place” requirements.  This includes front-line staff job safety training, and other special initiatives, such as field safety supervision and diagnosis. Additionally, efforts are being made to enhance the company's overall management security system capabilities.  The continuous investigation and analysis of hidden dangers and the improvement of hazard identification, are all parts of the safety management processes.

- Physical and mental health

In order to meet the physical and mental health-needs of employees, and constantly enrich and optimize the staff health insurance program, HIMAX and its subcontractors offer the majority of employees a variety of health care services. These services are based on workers own individual needs which means they can choose from different services. At the same time, employees enjoy the national laws and regulations including paid overtime, rest days, holidays, paid annual leave, family leave and other types of paid holidays, in strict accordance with national policies and corporate rules and regulations.
- Harmonious labor relations

HIMAX abides by the laws and regulations such as the Labor Law, the Labor Contract Law, the Trade Union Law and the Social Insurance Law, paying respect to the human rights of employees, the care for employees, and earnestly safeguarding the interests of employees, including establishing written labor contracts with its employees. HIMAX conscientiously implement full labor contract systems, collective contract systems, and staff congress systems, through the establishment of a sound trade union organization.  The company also establishes Labor Dispute Mediation Organizations, and Labor Law Supervision organizations, labor protection supervision and inspection organizations, giving these organizations full mandate to further improve the system.  The company promotes equal consultation and collective contracts for workers work to ensure the stability of the workforce, and to create and maintain a harmonious workplace.

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