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Always including customer requirements, HIMAX develops, manufactures and distributes industrial and non-industrial safety products that fulfil the highest standards in terms of quality, function and innovation. HIMAX has its own production research and development group specializing in improving production development with new materials and new technology, in an interaction with feedback from major clients. This ability has attracted many global brands to corporate with us and strengthen the relationship between them. With our comprehensive service concept, we are pursuing the goals of generating measureable added value for customers around the world. We strive to be the best in innovation in our field.

We are the first manufacturer in the local footwear industry area to having designed and implemented an Intelligent Manufacturing system. This design is the intellectual property of ours and what it does is manufacturing footwear on an automated platform of robots conducting cold cementing construction.   The system was commercially operated since September 2017. Compared with the traditional hand-made operation, the production made by the automated Robot line will increase the quality standard and reducing the risk of human errors in production.

The Intelligent Manufacturing System mentioned above is a very good example of how innovative thinking can deliver performance and quality whilst reducing cost. 
It will shorten lead times of production with its 24/7 production capacity, it will increase quality standards, it will save cost and time, and it will reduce the cost of labor.
Being fully operational in September 2017, we will have great aspiration to become the premier shoe manufacturer in China with our automated platforms of cold cementing production.
Automated footwear production is not a novelty.  It has been used for years when injecting outer soles directly onto the lasted upper.   Brands like Ecco and Lowa have almost 100% of their outer soles injected.  There are advantages and also disadvantages with injected outer soles. 
When cementing outer soles to lasted uppers, the shoe becomes naturally more stable, without the addition of stabilizing inserts.   However, normal cementing manufacturing processes requires many workers to participate in the production.   With the Intelligent Manufacturing System that we are implementing right now, we are the first manufacturing facility in China using an automated platform of robots performing cold cementing construction methods on sports, outdoor and safety footwear.  We will certainly take the leading role in China for this new manufacturing technology.

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