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As one of the fastest growing companies,HIMAX is expanding its business in the global market. And so we are setting up our distributor/agent system worldwide and welcome any interested partners to join our team to develop the business together and benefit from our growth for many years to come. For more information, please contact:

Himex Ltd.(Xiamen)
Unit D-F.,26/F, Huang Da Buidling,
28 Hou Dai Xi Road,361004 Xiamen,

Tel: + 86 592 5882186
Fax: + 86 592 5802518

Attitude is everything ! 
There are three kinds of companies:   

·Those that make things happen.      
·Those that watch what happens.      
·Those that wonder what happened.”  

If you are still fighting hard alone, why don't you join us now ?


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