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Supply Chain Management

Apart from it's own investment in the footwear manufacturing, HIMAX has been concentrating and has been putting its best effort in creating and sustain fully operational supply chain management from the date of establishment when it was founded in year 2001. The owner of the company has been working in the footwear field for more than 25 years and has mainly been focusing on producing and exporting different type of footwear in the Outdoor Sports, Indoor Sports, and safety footwear market segments, worldwide. And since 2010, HIMAX has been expanding it's supply chain to a series of outdoor and PPE production in order to provide a full services and meet the different customers' demands. HIMAX emphasizes on careful management to reduce or avoid the risk for all stakeholders involved and to create long-lasting relationships with each of his clients. The following information is for your further attention:

-  HIMAX has been invested and shared with two major business partners in the outdoor and safety footwear manufacturing since 2007.
only choose manufacturers with its base in China with at least 3 production lines in its supply chain where the best capacity of production output can be found. Currently we have
 been working with more than 20 facories partners/sub-contractors for cementing technology and PU injected technology included Desma and typical injection technologies. With all of these efforts, HIMAX is capable of producing and providing over 3 M pairs of outdoor and safety footwear to the outdoor and PPE market every year.

HIMAX has been expanding and developing it's production series covering from outdoor to personal protective equipment. This supply chain covers another over 20 different manufacturers that provides more than 30 different outdoor and PPE products.

-  The manufacturing partners HIMAX choses to work with has been specialized in producing technical products for more than 4 years with reasonable production experiences as well as quality management systems.  More details about this can be found in the section - Quality Made in Himax. 
The manufacturers employ highly educated workers who are professionals in footwear,outdoor products and PPE business for many years and who understand the process of both manufacturing and exporting. It helps to strengthen the daily communication, for example, to fully understand the requirement of the orders and related regulations and who can adopt these requirements and regulations to conduct proper production procedures. The human source in the outdoor/PPE business is important since orders from different countries can vary greatly. Skilled and experienced personnel understand these differences and can apply them to the production operation, and by doing so, they will maintain an even quality level and reduce risk for all parties involved.
To ensure the highest degree of material purchasing, HIMAX is focusing on a few highly reliable raw material suppliers. There are thousands to choose from, but 25 years of experience has filtered out the best ones, in terms of Outer sole manufacturers, Tanneries, Fabric suppliers and Accessory suppliers, etc. In order to have a constant watch on the quality from these raw material supply chains, there is a common denominator for all parties involved in numerous Laboratory test, producing an equally numerous number of lab test reports who needs to be approved before moving into mass production. Noncompliance materials will be rejected or returned until these materials meets the requirement. REACH standard is strictly enforced to meet the environmental demands from EU.
 Visits between HIMAX and suppliers are done on a regular basis to review the previous or current operations and to solve problems or improve the level of the supply to maintain the best possible condition for the supply of raw materials. Lead-times are carefully monitored, to ensure that orders are delivered on time. A strong and solid relationship with the material suppliers is important to maintain a smooth delivery operation, and to avoid delays in the manufacturing process. This is done on a regular basis all year round
 Based on this management HIMAX have been working with many well-known brands and will continue to be a strong partner to such brands for many years to come. 
-   In recent years HIMAX stepped into GPA business and successfully won some contracts. This proves HIMAX capacity to adopt to a variety of different clients and their challenging needs. 

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